How much do you value yourself? With six figures? With six billion trillion figures?

Seriously though.

Do you wake everyday realizing that there’s a reason why there is only one of you (because you make the world infinitely richer!) or do you look at other people and value them higher than yourself?

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DIY Dropwaisted Dress

Hey beloved. How are you doing?

Since my blog post about drop-waisted dresses long ago in February, I have desired to make one. Last month I finally did.

Drop Waist

After a request from JoyfulJoyful1, I edited and uploaded the tutorial for the dress onto my Youtube channel today.

When I cut the fabric, I didn’t anticipate how small my neckhole would be, so I had to create a keyhole neck opening so that I could fit the dress over my head.

I was originally go to do a full text tutorial, but later decided to let the pictures do the talking… So I present to you my first infographic tutorial. Let me know what you think, and  if you want a more detailed tutorial, let me know. 

PicMonkey Collage 2

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Thank you!

Till next time,

Abi x