The Easy Way to Sew Set in Sleeves

ThumbnailThe winter sweater weather means that sleeves are a staple part of any garment. Unfortunately sewing set in sleeves, the most durable and professional looking type, can be daunting. However fear not! This tutorial teaches you the easiest and simplest way of sewing the perfect sleeve!

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3 DIYs from Chocolate Boxes

In today’s DIY, I’ve combines two of my favourite things to create three cute DIYs to keep me organised in 2016.

From Lindt, a Thortons’s boxes and a Celebrations tub, I now have a gorgeous vanity stand (as if I need encouragement to be more vain!), a desk organiser and a jewellery organiser.


You’re Not Missing Out

In a society with such a focus on documenting every moment, a birthday party is no longer a party without an obligatory snapchat and Instagram post. You did nothing all weekend if you didn’t go out or host the gathering. Nobody would know you were alive if not for the frequent Facebook and Twitter posts.

I used to think that being unnoticed, unremembered or somewhat unremarkable was terrifying. But since I’ve realised that via social media or face to face, sometimes I don’t share everything that I’d like to, with the people I’d like to share it with. I love hearing about how other people are doing and trying to help them with their life situations. But how much sweeter is it to share your achievements and your pain when you need encouragement? And because only those few people know, suddenly what you have to share seems to increase in value.

This intimate act of becoming vulnerable and laying out your ideas, thoughts and stories of your life is sometimes scary, yet always liberating.

In a world so densely connected by instant communication, it’s easy to feel isolated… But you rarely are.

Even if you make friends with people much younger or much older than you, the power of being emotionally intimate with somebody can make all the difference. Sometimes I don’t realise how blessed I am to have people that care… Teachers, family, peers, choir friends and my bestie.

The opportunities to spend times with these people are far more valuable, than having a good snapchat story. Some people manage to both at once, and I applaud them. But instead of comparing myself to these people, I think I’ll cherish the opportunities I have now. After all should I wish to take up SC, then all I’ll need is a new phone.