3 DIYs from Chocolate Boxes

In today’s DIY, I’ve combines two of my favourite things to create three cute DIYs to keep me organised in 2016.

From Lindt, a Thortons’s boxes and a Celebrations tub, I now have a gorgeous vanity stand (as if I need encouragement to be more vain!), a desk organiser and a jewellery organiser.

What’s really satisfying about a DIY like this, is the fact that you getting even longer lasting pleasure from one of your favourite treats.

jewellery box
The Jewellery Organiser

It’s quite funny. Everyone who comes into my room when the lid is on the box, lifts up the lid, just to check if it’s still got chocolate in it!

Desk Organiser

Tidy Desk = Tidy Mind = Better Mock Exam Results… At least that’s what I tell myself 😉


I just love this… It was such an experiment and yet it turned out well 😀


Guys if you try any of these out, please send me pictures. I’d love to see how yours look.

Keep eating chocolate and stay blessed!

All together


Love y’all. Happy 2016!


If you want to carry on cutting and making check out episode 1 of the series and subscribe for future episodes!

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Thumnail 2


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