DIY Oversized Sweater (Floral Jumper) Tutorial ~ (VIDEO)

Happy January All!

After a particularly mild December in the UK, January has brought the first real cold weather…Fear not though! Because sweater weather is better weather, and it gives us the perfect excuse to make this DIY Jumper. 😀


Since summer, I have wanted to create a thick, slouchy over-sized sweater. I knew I wanted it to have a floral print, so when I found this fabric I was absolutely exultant with delight and couldn’t wait to start the jumper.


jumper 2.png

Here’s how to make the pattern for this over-sized sweater:


This is for a medium size (a UK size 12-14), so you can adjust the measurements for your desired level of slouch. (A hoody is a good template for the size of your rectangle).


Next mark the width of your neck hole and connect this to a point, 2″ below your shoulder corner. (This slanting line is crucial – if you don’t believe me watch my tutorial).

*Note*: 4.25″ is for a crew neck style jumper. I ended up cutting my neck-hole wider so that it was about 5.25″ (or 10 to 11″ when opened up).


Then drawn in your armhole curve (it’s a very slight curve – it’s basically straight).


And finally draw the depth of your neck-hole. Again because I widened my neckhole, my actual neck hole depth was closer to five inches.

Repeat this whole process for the back bodice piece (only give your back a neckhole depth of 1-2″. (or 2-3″ for the off the shoulder look).


The sleeves are essentially trapezia with the cuff being half of the width of the armhole + 0.5″.

Now add seam allowance to each piece on all sides except the sides on fold. And begin cutting your pattern!


 Rock on with the tutorial!

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Love you guys,

Have a blessed week x Abi x

(Other Useful Tutorials: for sewing sleeves) ({The shift dress tutorial illustrates the easiest method of attaching sleeves – sewing everything while flat).






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