Breaking the Mould

As I have grown older, I realise that I had quite a sheltered upbringing. It wasn’t that my parents tried to wrap me in cotton wool; I just grew up in a quiet area, schooled with children from unremarkable backgrounds and went to conservative secondary school where the biggest danger was handing homework too late. Also I just had a knack for avoiding the teens who drank, snuck out of their houses and had some ‘questionable acquaintances’.

I’m going to university this year and each day I’m finding that I’m having to step out of comfort zone. In my family we don’t go out much. We don’t order take out, we don’t go to restaurants and we don’t really travel all that often. 

In the last week I’ve done all of those things. And it was liberating. 

My fellow muskateers – they help me choose the moulds to break

My question to you is: what are you doing to break your mould?