How to Start the Best Year of Your Life

When you look back at 2016, do you see a year of joy and growth, or a year you’d rather forget? While you can’t predict the things that will make you cry, you can choose how you react to them and you can choose how you let them shape you.

I would describe my 2016 as a year of blessing and towards the latter end, a year of growth. There were some tempests, but I know look back on each one as a testimony, and I can be thankful for more things in my daily life.

Internationally, 2016 has been a turbulent year financially, socially, politically and for humanitarian crises. But if you and I are still alive, there’s still hope and these things shall surely come to pass.

If we all look at the lessons of 2016, and chose to act on what we’ve learnt, how has 2016 shaped you? What will you change moving forward?

Personally, I want to stop accepting limitations. In the transition between school and university, I realised I was ready to stop letting other people to define me and to take control of my own reputation and actions. This manifested itself as I tried to become a more outgoing person, with a personality other than the ‘good grades’ which previously defined me. I took on summer jobs which took me out of my comfort zone; when starting university, I made an effort to get to know a variety of people, from halls, from my course, from societies and even just from hanging out in the same environment. I learned to dance without feeling self-conscious and ultimately all these experiences have made me a more confident person.

I feel strongly that my purpose in life, exceeds just getting by and ‘having a good time’. I hope to positively influence the communities around me, locally, academically, socially and internationally. But while, I look for opportunities to do this, I need to build up the skills necessary to achieve these goals.

January 1st is an arbitrary day to start changing your life, but the key thing is to start. So what are you going to do?


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