DIY Casual Plaid Trousers

There’s nothing like the perfect pair of trousers for lounging; they’re comfortable, they keep you warm and they are decent enough for you to been seen in if anybody appears at your house unexpectedly. They are for me, these DIY Casual Plaid Trousers.


Almost 4 years ago on my 12th Birthday, I went to Marks and Spencer’s and picked up the most glorious pair of trousers. They were a lovely soft cotton, like a pillow against your skin; terrific trousers to wear during your period when you’re lying in agony due to cramps.

Unfortunately after about 100 washes, a small tear appeared at the crotch. At this point I couldn’t sew, so the small crevice became wider and wider until it became a canyon. To make matters worse, the fabric frayed and of course I had to stop wearing them. By the time I got my sewing machine, it was too late to salvage them.

How I felt after losing the trousers

After the death of the trousers, I vowed to resew a similar pair of trousers, again in a checked fabric. This led to the birth of the DIY Plaid Trousers. Not two weeks after the fabric was bought, the trousers were sewn.

For my first pair of DIY trousers, they weren’t bad, on the other hand there was much to be improved. I hoped that I could wear them as a pair of high-waisted Harem pants but I accidentally cut them too short (after cutting them too long to start off with), so they just look like normal trousers at waist height.. Furthermore, I decided I didn’t like the cuffed legs, after I had already sewn them…

Still to this day, I wear them in the same way as my original plaid trousers.

If you read the whole of this blog post, I really like you; you endured my whole catharsis on the plight of losing a pair of trousers. Having said that, if you want to experience the joy of owning such a pair of pants (for all you Americans out there) click here:

Love you lots,

Abi x


DIY Shift Dress

Hey Blessed!

Do you ever those days when you just want to look good, but can’t be bothered to coordinate an outfit. This is me essentially everyday. To combat this, my weapon of choice is to keep it simple and wear dresses or set outfits. One of my favourite kinds of dresses is the Shift Dress.

DIY Shift DressThe shift dress is a classic that has almost never gone out of fashion in the last century. They can be quite expensive even though they are relatively simple in design. If you want to learn to make one, here is my tutorial.

I hope this is useful and I’d love your feedback in the comments. How would you style the shift dress?

Also what you like to me make next?


Abi x

Verse: Philippians 4:6-7. Lately I’ve been stressing a lot, so I feel like God is sending me a *subtle* message by integrating this into my devotional (Word 4U Today) this week.