Achieving Happiness

Being ‘happy’ is something a lot of people strive towards. Whether its feeling satisfied while working, or having a good time with friends, millions of self-help books, YouTube videos and motivational speakers all claim to have the mystical formula for being happy.

Personally, I think there are three broad types of happiness, other than the temporary high of feeling freedom while you live in the moment.


It’s possible to smile, laugh and feel truly happy, even while stressed or under pressure. I believe joy is the kind of happiness that supersedes a situation and cannot be darkened by a bad morning or even a less than pleasant week. Joy continues to fill you with happiness over time, even months and years after the initial reason for the joy.

I can only really attribute my moments of joy to times when I’ve been extraordinarily blessed by God and I think moments of joy should definitely be celebrated, so that you can look back on them when things are bleak and be filled with hope for the future.


In a world where there is crime, anger, hurt, jealousy, malice and hate, peace is a beautiful respite.

In peace you can fully focus on the things that you find delightful; hobbies, relationships and whatever takes your fancy, and you’re generally in a better mindset to more productive.

It’s so important to find a space where you can be at ease and where you’re safe from the challenges of daily life, and if you can maintain this mentality in your day to day activities, you’ll find hard work is less onerous and potentially mundane activities more enjoyable.


Contentedness is the true happiness which I think people strive for in their everyday lives. This simple but powerful ability to look at a situation and just feel happy and at ease is life changing.

Sure it’s difficult to be content with every situation in your life, but if you can be satisfied with some of the basic aspects of your life; your commute, the phone you have, your body shape… you’re in a better position to change the things that you hold in contempt.



I’ve been thinking about contentedness a lot recently, and it’s a mindset I would like to ingrain in my life. Join me in my pursuit of it, by subscribing to this blog.

I’d also like to know what you think. Do you think there are distinct types of happiness?